Indiana Real Estate Exchangors (IREX) is a statewide exchange organization founded in the 1970s and is the local exchange affiliate of the National Council of Exchangors.

Ron Tedrow will be speaking at the next meeting on Thursday, May 13. He will be speaking about digital currency. We will be meeting at Broadmoor Country Club. The meeting will begin at 8:30am with breakfast. If you wish to join our meeting via Zoom, please email for information. The Zoom meeting will begin at 9am.

For the 2021 Meeting Schedule Click here for the meeting calendar.

IREX is comprised of real estate professionals who provide creative real estate solutions specific to the needs of their clients through education in:

  • Client counseling
  • Real estate taxation
  • Real estate financing
  • Equity marketing
  • Creative formulas
  • Exchanging and marketing
  • Tax considerations
  • Transaction structure

IREX sponsors and hosts educational seminars and classes that expand real estate knowledge and consulting opportunities not only to its membership, but to other real estate practitioners as well. Attendees will find that through these classes, they will be more informed and innovative, allowing them to better serve their clients. IREX also assists local exchange groups throughout the state of Indiana.

Membership in IREX greatly expands networking opportunities beyond the local communities to all of Indiana. Through its affiliation with the National Council of Exchangors (NCE), members have exposure in other states as well. NCE supports IREX by providing national educators to IREX members and guests, and sponsoring national marketing conferences.

Visit an IREX meeting and become a member!  Download the Membership Application and bring it with you to the next meeting.