2017 Meeting Schedule

Normal Meeting Time is 9:00 AM to Noon, unless noted below.
Meetings are usually held at MIBOR, 1912 N Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Upcoming speakers
Previous speakers 

Meetings listed in orange are for informational purposes only.

Date Title Location
January 12 IREX Meeting MIBOR
January 26 IREX Meeting MIBOR
February 9 IREX Meeting MIBOR
February 23 IREX Meeting MIBOR
March 9 IREX Meeting MIBOR
March 19-22 Society of Exchange Counselors OK
March 23 IREX Meeting MIBOR
April 13 IREX Meeting MIBOR
April 27 IREX Meeting MIBOR
April 29 – May 3 KREE Derby City Marketing Session Louisville, KY
May 4-5 Indiana Commercial Board Annual Conference IN Convention Center
May 11 IREX Meeting, Brenda Flatter, Meridian Title will speak on Quite Title  MIBOR
May 21-24 RECon (ICSC) Las Vegas, NV
May 21-24  Society of Exchange Counselors Reno, NV
May 25 IREX Meeting MIBOR
June 8 IREX Meeting MIBOR
June 22 IREX Meeting – Steve Cox, Meridian Title will speak on Boundaries for Commercial Properties MIBOR
July 13 IREX Meeting MIBOR
July 27
August 10 IREX Meeting Golf Club of Indiana
August 17-18 OCREE Marketing Session & Education Ohio
 August 24  IREX Meeting  MIBOR
September 10-13 Society of Exchange Counselors Indianapolis, IN
September 14 IREX Meeting MIBOR
 September 28  IREX Meeting  MIBOR
October 9-12 NCE Conference Las Vegas, NV
October 12 IREX Meeting MIBOR
October 26-27 IREX Fall Marketing Session Hilton Garden Inn, Greenwood, IN
November 9 IREX Meeting TBD
November 12-15
Society of Exchange Counselors  Georgia
December  14 IREX Meeting – Holiday Party & Awards Luncheon  TBD